Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Make room in the deep freeze for pheasants

The moment is here and space is needed for 10 large, plump pheasants to rest in peace until needed.  I always know when to ring up a certain friend and hint madly that we would be game on for something local and wild!  The roads are now no longer an obstacle course of  young and innocent birds tootling about and pecking at the luscious tractor mud.  Something has to come out of the freezer. What do I have? Mainly beans and courgettes! Not a tempting thought for lunch today, so a dash to the pile of torn out magazine recipes that are lurking in a dusty pile in my office!  I also have to bear in mind that only a cauliflower, some peppers,carrots and potatoes dwell in the fridge this morning.
Tricky but I will be back with the result later.

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