Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Cheese Puff Biscuits and Champagne

The festive spirit being fully upon us now,  we decided to have a drinks party on Sunday night. In truly adventurous spirit, 20 friends managed to get here through the snow and ice. Some walked and some drove. They all deserved a cracking good welcome and so we popped lots of champagne corks and The Pink Lovely dressed as a plum pudding fairy with full wings and petticoats, floated around the sitting room handing round warm cheese puff biscuits, mini mince-pies and cocktail sausages.
My Cheating Cheese biscuits
You will need to buy either 2 packets of mail-order gluten-free puff pastry (email me for information) or  ready to roll fresh or frozen puff pastry
A dusting of gluten free plain flour or wheat flour
1 block of extra strong local cheddar cheese or Arla lactofree semi-hard cheese
Caraway seeds
1 or 2 beaten eggs

I taught The Pink Lovely to roll our pastry by cutting the blocks into quarters and rolling out each part with a dusting of flour. She happily cut out loads and loads of rounds and stars.  We placed them on the non-stick baking sheets and brushed them lightly with beaten egg. Plonked a fingernail sized piece of cheese in the centre of each pastry shape. Sprinkled with the seeds and then baked them until puffy and golden. Leave them to cool a little before transferring to a  wire rack.  Reheat the Cheese Puff biscuits and serve warm with lots of mulled wine or fizz!

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  1. Oh I'm so going to make those for grandma - great recipe thanks.