Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A special Treat

A glorious moment this morning, I have dreamt of it often!  A little voice calls me up from the depths of my boudoir at 07.45am, I stagger up to the Kitchen where I am told to shut my eyes before I enter, well as I can barely see without my glasses, hence the staggering, I thought this rather sweet. I enter and to my utter amazement, my 7yr old daughter, who we call The Pink Lovely, is in full school uniform, the table is laid for breakfast, the dogs have obviously been out (muddy paw prints every where!) and sitting perfectly centred on a plate is half a toasted muffin with a beautiful pile of perfectly cooked scrambled eggs on top.  Wow! Speechless!
Much praise was given and she was as proud of herself as I was of her.  Next time she wants to do grilled bacon too....Gulp!.....Have I a Master Chef contestant on my hands?
I am going to try a new recipe for bread today and serve it with a selection of cheeses and the most delicious organic white wine jelly.  This amazing jelly comes from a vineyard in South Africa and is translucent to look at and sublime to taste. I hope someone decides to sell it here or even better, why doesn't an English Vineyard make it and then it would not have the air-miles.


  1. What a lovely experience and one I am sure you will remember for a lifetime.
    You must be doing something very right for your little girl to do this at such a young age.