Saturday, 29 January 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Oh My! What fun, I have been awarded the stylish blogger award and I had absolutely no idea that there is one!
Exciting times for us in cyber space!  I shall relish telling The Pink Lovely that this "Aged" mother of hers is "up there" with the cyber babes!...................Today, Alas, I was also introduced to Tweetdeck. What can one say? I have recently just got to grips (rather than I just recently got to grips....!) with my twitter account on my website. An internal groan at the thought of  a new tweet technique to be learnt but the Dear Friend, Bless Her, who enthusiastically showed it to me, over a yummy bowl of Thai Green Curry Soup at lunch time was adamant that it is the only way forward. So, I will prove that I am indeed a technobabe and cast my eye over the site this evening! Well, I have done it...not the tweet deck actually, but I have just phoned a couple of friends and bribed them lavishly with the lure of food and wine to come and set it up for me....

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