Sunday, 13 February 2011

A few verses with original spelling!

Half-term at last. Major lie-ins required after 5 weeks of early rising and the daily unfathomable miscalculations of timings that arise between 8am-8.14am, when we never quite get out of the door at the required moment. This is a total mystery to me. What happens to space and time in these 14 minutes? Slow motion? Is this part of the theory of Quantum Physics? Is there a parallel universe where we are actually on time for school and even quite possibly in the relevant classroom but we just think that we are late? I must consult a scientist!
This week we have a project afoot. The school frequently endeavours to raise large amounts of money for charity and one of our regular charities is: "The Clock Tower Fund". This charity helps families of soldiers who have been severely injured or lost their lives while serving their country. Living in Herefordshire, we do have plenty of army families at our school and so it is a charity close to our heart.  A sponsored spell has been organized and the children have to learn 40 spellings in order to achieve their sponsorship goals. Luckily, we had an influx of generous Godmothers and friends last weekend and so we have a worthy goal for which to aim. A bulletin will be released on 21st February as to her success.  Nail biting stuff... (if I did, which I don't!)
To celebrate the onset of half-term The Pink Lovely had a sleep over here with a friend. They have set up a "pop group" at school and they wanted to compose some songs for the next meeting. I left them to it.  A sheet of A4 paper was duly produced at the end of the evening and The Pink Lovely, aged 7, stood up on a chair with her Pink microphone and sang her first ever lyrics in soft and gentle Folk Music style. This was somewhat surprising as I was expecting something more akin to Lady Gaga who is currently deemed the queen of pop and worthy of imitation. This is what my little angel had written and sang..... with original spellings!

To Women and Men in the Surfis (Services)

I know ther are lots of  you in the surfis,(services)
You risk your lives helping the country,
Thanc you, Oh thank you for helping the world,
You may not see your kids very often,
and we are sorry to hear that,
The mony we rase will go to you,
to help you and care for you,
and maybe even see your children more,
Thank you, Oh thank you for helping the world.

by a little girl aged 7

It struck me right in the heart and tears trickled down for her sweetness and the joy of her generous spirit. I am indeed a lucky mother.

Moments later, composure resumed, I am madly calculating the possibilities of untold wealth in my retirement from millions of copies of my teenage daughter's first NO.1 in the "pop charts". Rock on!....

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  1. Superb blog post. Love your writing here as I can picture EVERYTHING. Brilliant song lyrics.... please remember me and the hubby when you are 'kept-mother' of very famous pop star!