Monday, 2 January 2012

Rhubarb in the Bolognese! Happy New Year!

Lurking around the fridge this bright New Year  morning, I shuffle around on automatic, make a cup of builders tea for me, fresh parsley and carrots for the guinea pigs, cold chicken for the dog and all is going well although in a slight blurr. This you may think is due to an excess of wines over the New Year celebrations, but no, this is due to leaving my glasses up on the 3rd floor and feeling that I can manage perfectly well without them. After all, you can feel your way through most things in life! Back to the fridge: I feel for the bowl of Tomato sauce, might aswell start making the Lasagne and for the bowl of mince. Grope around the darkest cupboard for a pan, chuck in the ingredients and shove it on the hob while I go and get dressed. I return in full glory of muddy jeans, back to front jumper, inside-out cardigan; so reassuringly normal... and Ahhh there are my glasses... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and there is a gently bubbling pan of stewed Rhubarb and best mince.. Dash to the fridge, definitely tomato sauce poised beside the jug of custard ... oops! Oh! Well... No one will ever know... just chucked in the tomato sauce but I remain firm about the custard!
We have a delivery of 20 plucked pheasants for the weekend, ready for freezing. Now the fun starts; gazing longingly at glossy photos of heavenly concoctions of feather-light whipped icing, cunning layers of fruits in glorious wrappings, dream-like cakes and pudding.... but with reality and regret I turn to the chapters on game and poultry. I whizz through the list until I reach guinea fowl, duck, chicken and turkey. On the basis that they are all pretty similar and bound to work!  Ottolenghi is top fave at the moment. So, Pheasant in saffron, honey and hazelnuts; Pheasants with sumac, za'atar and lemon; Pheasant breasts with cumin, coriander and white wine are my choices. Whichever recipe is the best I will post! Until then I wish you all a very happy new year and an abundance of all that is good in 2012.

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