Friday, 19 November 2010

Christmas Cake Not in the Bin!

Scandalized by my Daily Mail this morning, rather than by my Daily Male, I was aghast to read that  out of 10 million people who attempt to bake a Christmas cake at home this year, only 3 million will succeed and the rest will go in the bin!
Sainsbury's has set up the first dedicated help line for victims of Christmas baking disasters on November 21st the traditional day to make the cake and pudding. Will they cater for gluten, wheat and dairy free? If not then I will try and answer any questions on the cake but admit to succumbing to ready-made puddings!
So, in the mood for Christmas food, I dig out my Christmas cake recipe from last year, it is free from the above mentioned allergens and so easy to make that it is done in a blink of an eye!
But ladies and gentlemen with festive calories lurking around the corner I have also made this scrummy fruit cake  without eggs or sugar which must surely make it almost sin-free!......and much cheaper of course!
I am just going to doctor it with a little brandy but you can use ginger wine or nothing at all and then wrap it up in baking parchment and foil and keep it in a cool place until the glorious moment of icing and decorating with my gorgeous girl aged 7!
Recipe to follow..

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