Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Damson Vodka for Breakfast

After an exhausting 10 minutes round trip for the school run this morning, we sped off to a coffee morning for no other reason than to taste some home made goodies and have a cup of coffee.  Naturally, I did without breakfast so that I could indulge but didn't expect the Danish Pastries to come with Plum Vodka and coffee.  Dream come true really!  This reminded me to check on my Damson Vodka which is due for a stir and a surreptitious dip and lick of finger! There is nothing better to my taste than the Shropshire damson and our lanes are surrounded by them.  My little tree that I planted 2 years ago has not yielded fruit but maybe I am supposed to do something?
I have made my damson vodka with a slight twist this year, I added half a bottle of cherry liqueur from Romania that was gathering dust on the larder shelf. Fine idea I thought and Wow it packs a punch! Lucky Guys coming to Sunday lunch this weekend!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed my vodka.....with your approval I may make more next year..