Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Frozen Eggs

Oh Yum, I cannot wait for my delivery of organic, free range eggs from my dear friend over Clee Hill for my rather late breakfast this morning. My hands are freezing from typing and a hot, steaming cuppa of Yorkshire Gold, (just enough water in the kettle) is an essential hand warmer and hot fried eggs on hot toast to warm the rest of me up!  The eggs have just arrived via my lovely au pair who picks them up from the class room on the school run and I do not believe it - they are actually frozen! They do not ooze out the remain firmly in the shell, absolutely amazing!  Oh well - Porridge for breakfast!
The Mice have been at the Christmas Cake, that is The Pink Lovely Mouse, Mummy Mouse and Au Pair Mouse!  There are a few crumbs left but we feel this may be a bit embarrassing when we actually do get to Christmas and have none left! So, we are making another cake and with the oven on for 21/2 hrs or more, we shall be snug in the kitchen.  I think we shall be finding other jobs to be done in the kitchen this morning!
The fog has finally lifted after 4 days and I am going to drive over to Stourbridge and collect my new car which does have 4x4 and should consequently allow me to spend my entire time driving on the freezing lanes rather than my entire time in the ditch, hedge or at the bottom of the hill. This will undoubtedly improve the quality of my winter life on the Herefordshire and Shropshire borders and with any luck as it is bright blue instead of murky bamboo, the farmers will see me coming at some distance rather than when they are about 2 feet away!
The Pink Lovely is playing in a Rugby Tag match at school today against the boys, rather her than me, sounds exhausting!  Off to the kitchen to warm up.....

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  1. Oh no! So sorry to hear about the eggies!!! Will ask the girls to warm up their bottoms for the next batch!