Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Global Warming, House Cooling & Lanes Freezing

Not being a scientist, not even a vulcanoligist like one of my dear neighbours, I have little understanding of global warming. So at a dinner party a few days ago I mentioned that it seemed a little unlikely, as we are currently struggling in-12degrees that England is going to turn into Club Med! This comment was pounced on as ridiculous because quite obviously Global warming means freezing winters and boiling hot summers! Well, first I have heard of it! Freezing winters I can believe but boiling hot summers that indeed would be remarkable.  During all the excitement of trying to get my car out of the driveway and keep it on the freezing lanes, rather than in the hedge and watching with fascination at the car temperature indicator dropping to -10 on the way to school I have completely forgotten to check the oil tank. Slightly alarmed at the 2 inches of oil now left in the bottom of the tank I ring the oil company, it must be global warming, everyone is so cold they have all ordered more oil! Sorry Mrs Lawrence it may be 2 weeks.  TWO WEEKS! Immediate action is called for; I dash around the house and turn down the heating by 4 degrees in every room and then go and make some hot soup.
The Pink Lovely is now delighted to go to school so that she can get warm! We try and find our log shed through pea soup fog which is so thick I cannot even see my hanging baskets! The logs are damp and need to be lugged into the house and  into rows of baskets in the sitting room to dry out for the next few days.  At least we do have a wood burning stove giving out heat and we are as snug as a bug in a rug up there.
Disaster this morning, NO WATER! the pump that brings our water up from the underground well has finally frozen.  We have been heating the pump shed with an little electric heater and so far so good but this morning in -11degrees it has given up! Luckily our dear friend and neighbour who is a retired civil engineer has it under control and is at this very moment on a quest to revive the pump.
I am off to feed the birds in the garden,  hang out more fat balls for them and check the water in the stream has not frozen so that they can stay alive. The Pink Lovely has built a wooden nesting box and we are going to nail that to a tree this morning for the little bird that is trying to nest in the hole in the gate post!
The dogs, Lucy and Coco don't seem madly keen on walks just at the moment and seem happy with 25 minutes of dashing around the woods to keep warm and let off a bit of steam.  The deer have come down to try and find some grass and so the dogs get rather excited and huff and  puff around on a quest to find one!

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