Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Farmhouse Breakfast Week

I love a healthy breakfast and I have to admit that I also love a very unhealthy breakfast of almond croissants, pain au chocolat and cappuccino!  Preferably administered by charming people in a serene cafe somewhere, rather than in my chaotic kitchen full of dogs, children and washing up!
The word breakfast was first mentioned in 1463 in English and it meant "Breaking the Fast".  Not much fasting goes on nowadays but it is a nice thought!
Farmhouse Breakfast Week has been going on since 2000 and is trying to make people aware of just how important breakfast is.  It gives lots of great recipes and ideas and there are promotions and offers all over the countryside in local farm shop cafe and organic cafes etc.  I was surprised to hear that 1in 4 people skip breakfast and that they then are tempted by less healthy snacks so that they can get to lunch time.  So, if you live in the country, check out your local inns and shops and see what yummy breakfast deals you can get this weekend.  What a treat, I cannot wait!....

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