Monday, 24 January 2011

French Macaroons

Just in case you are as passionate about French Macaroons as I am and you cannot get to a London patisserie or a Waitrose where they can be found cradled in chic French boxes.  I have the very recipe that you need! page 136 in my "Learn to Cook Wheat,Gluten and Dairy Free". The beautiful picture set in the previous post accompanies the recipe.  You may think that this advanced baking but I assure you that it is so easy and simple that they cannot fail. You can tint them with any colour you like, bold, or pale and interesting! Fill them with jams, vanilla or coffee cream, chocolate or ganache. Use whipped and flavoured St. Helen's Farm double cream from Waitrose stores for the flavoured cream or ganache fillings.  If you don't have a Waitrose store then the cream is available by mail order.  So have a go and make these irresistible petits fours or tea-time treats just for fun and the pride and joy when you have produced them and they have all been devoured in minutes!

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