Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Marmalade Awards

I am bemused! I announce that my marmalade is a triumph on my Tweet and suddenly I have a tweet back from the 2011 Marmalade Awards!  Astonishing Technology! Shall I enter my marmalade for this National competition?  Maybe not, It would be mortifying not to win!
My marmalade is however, sharp and clean cut, yet just sweet enough to feel indulgent. Beautiful colour and lightly set.  For a less guilty breakfast I used 1kg less sugar than usual.  This would be brilliant except for the fact that I then smothered my toast in double the butter!  Not so good.....and then I had a second piece of toast...really not at all good! Especially as The Pink Lovely hates marmalade and that means I have 11 pots all to myself!
I shall write out the recipe tomorrow so that you can have freshly made marmalade for your weekend breakfast.
Meanwhile, I shall be taking some pots up to London, for the friends that I am dining with this week when I go up for my dose of city culture, research, PR and party, party, party!
There was a very imperious marmalade cat sitting on our stone wall this afternoon.  Peering over the tangled branches of our rather vile evergreen hedge, he sat and tried to stare out Coco and Lucy.  There was much tail wagging from Lucy who thinks that even cats should be amusing and good for a romp and a game or two. Coco only has one thing on her mind when she sees at cat and it is definitely not hugely amusing for the cat!  Now I know why there are no rats in the barn, obviously Orlando the Marmalade cat has been vigilant in his housekeeping!

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