Friday, 14 January 2011

Must get a grip!

Fantastic as my life at Fox Barn is, sometimes I think I must get a grip and deal with the reality of life! The one sure fact of life is that there are only 24hrs in each day and however much I would like about 28hrs,  this is not remotely possible. Unless of course, we could beam ourselves up into some parallel time of the quantum physics type for a few hours each day.  This, I imagine is unlikely for the next few decades and so I need to get a grip and plan a realistic schedule for each day and not..........1) Take The Pink Lovely to school 2) walk the dogs 3)stuff a turkey for dinner party for 10 tomorrow night 4) forget and then rush out to coffee with friends 5) make cranberry and damson vodka sauce (mainly vodka!) 6) forget to make soup and rush to make lunch  for guests arriving at 1pm 7) be nice to everybody! 8) work on the website, proof a recipe, test a recipe, and write to publisher, set up advertising deal and answer all emails, phone calls and tweets 9) attend Hotpoint service of broken down tumble dryer 10) Make a huge apple and mincemeat tart for 10  11)get glamorous for drinks party in Herefordshire tonight 12)forget to get the pink lovely,  then rush to school 13) do homework 14) cook her supper 15) go to party an then... 16) write shopping list for tomorrow 17) finish the 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle before midnight 18) read the next chapter of my book club book "Sex with Kings" (absolutely no sex whatsoever!).  19) Take the dogs out 20)meditate peace, calm and tranquillity!
So, this is a what a quiet day in the country is really like...Maybe I should move back to London!!!!!!

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